I loved playing dress up when I was a little girl.  I would pose for hours in front of my Mom's closet mirror gazing at my reflection.  I felt glamorous in my mother's fashions.  I felt magical in these moments.   Make believe became my portal to beauty.

The portal still exists. 

I stepped thru it  the night of Alexandra Manukyan's exhibition at Bash Fine Art and Framing Gallery, in Las Vegas, Nv.   Alexandra's art creates world's that explore multi-dimensional levels of consciousness.   Her stories mesmerized me.  Her reflections of grace and wisdom left me breathless.  Her confidence to express truth was boldly beautiful and disturbing.

But it wasn't until Alexandra adorned me with jewelry from her paintings, did I realize the depth of her artistic expression.    The childhood magic in  "playing dress up" ignited a flame inside me.  I smiled as the camera captured the connections to my heart.  The mystical beauty of Alexandra's art, ravaged by human greed burned inside me.   I took a deep breath.  Would I choose the magic of beauty or the flames of fear.?

 "The power to heal, is found when you feel, " my inner voice whispered.

In that moment, I felt beauty, power, and a Divine connection to all that is.

  I felt my heart.

 Alexandera  Manukyan's artistry creates a portal to beauty.

I walked thru it and  healed.