Princess Diana was a fashion icon for all ages.  Wearing flowers in her hair was a simple and glamorous statement that declared, “I am a beautiful woman and I wear my beauty as a fragrant bouquet for everyone to enjoy!”  Wouldn’t this be an amazing testimonial for all women to embrace?

Actually the 100 million women who live in India do exactly this.  Every morning, the women religiously place flower strands on their head after they bathe.  When my husband visited India, he was appalled by the poverty and squalor of the country.  But his eyes lit up when he described the beauty of the women in their colorful sari’s and flowered headpieces.  India is the fourth worst country for women’s rights.  Yet these women, every day, embrace their beauty as women and openly share it with the world.  

While these flowers definitely create an aura of beauty, the women wear the flowers on their hair, every day, without fail, because flowers hold a deeper meaning for them, than just being beautiful to look at.

Every flower has it’s own unique energy and quality.  They believe flowers are a symbol of love, good luck, happiness and prosperity.  When a woman wears these flowers, she believes it will bring happiness to her home.  When I wear flowers in my hair, I just love the way it makes me feel.  But the women of India are teaching me that it is more expansive than just good feelings.  Here is just some of the magic that can happen when you wear flowers in your hair. According to their traditions and beliefs:

 Jasmine: Jasmine is known as the queen of flowers because of its breathtaking fragrance. It is also called the God's own flower, as no festival is deemed complete without using jasmine flowers. It is a mark of prosperity and good luck  I love the fragrance of night blooming jasmine.  It's an aphrodisiac that makes me feel elated, optimsistic and worry free. Aromatherapists say it has the properties to relieve depression.  The sweet fragrance s intoxicating, exotic and is used to promote intimacy and back down barrier to full expressions of sexuality.  It is the perfume of love and hope. 

Rose: Rose is the symbol of love and passion. It is also a mark of mourning for loved ones. So, a woman wearing roses in her hair perhaps is very much in love, passionate about her life or mourning the memory of a lost one. I love receiving roses.  Their delicate blooms remind me that passion and love are as fragile, and delicate as a rose in bloom.

Chrysanthemums signify happiness. So, when a woman wears chrysanthemum in her hair then she is said to bring happiness to her family.  i remember going to college home coming football games and my dates would buy me a beautiful chrysanthemum dyed to match our school colors.  It was big, bold and made me feel special. I just knew we would win the game!

 Violets:  When you wear a string of violets, these delicate blooms will bring you good luck.  I just think it’s good luck to see these delicate flowers strung together and worn.  But maybe I'll take a string of violets with me on my next jaunt to a casino.

Hibiscus: Is the symbol of strength since hibiscus is used in the worship of Goddess Kali and other forms of Shakti which meanc "power" or "empowerment" .  It is the primordial cosmic energy and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire universe.[1]   Shakti is the concept or personification of divine feminine creative power, sometimes referred to as 'The Great Divine Mother' in Hinduism.   She is the embodiment of creativity and fertility.  They also are short lived when cut from their branches.  So it's a reminder for me to stay connected to the energy my creative source.  I don't do anything alone.

All flowers are the symbol that the Goddess Lakshmi is residing in the home, within you and that wealth will never leave.   Hence, wearing flowers is not only a way to beautify oneself, it is a mark of well-being of the family.

In Europe the art of wearing flowers became very popular in the time of Queen Victoria, in the late 1800’s. Then each flower had a meaning expressed by the way it was held, given or put into a vase. Everything was coded, down to the color of the vase.  Since speaking of love was forbidden that art of giving, wearing and displaying flowers was their language of love.

Decades later, the flower children in the 1960s rediscovered flowers to show their connection to nature, as a symbol for love, innocence and divine beauty.  “Flowers in her everywhere."

Do you want to be more beautiful, bring good luck, wealth and happiness to yourself and your home? Just remember when you need to feel beautiful, lucky, safe, and have more love for your family there are more than 100 million women wearing flowers in their hair that are supporting you.  

So perhaps today is the day wear flowers in your hair.  Accept and embrace your beauty as a woman.

Some meanings of flowers:

Daisy - innocence and purity

Gardenia - secret love

Camellia - gratitude

Ginger - strength

Tuberose - forbidden pleasures

Hibiscus - delicate beauty, sensitivity 

Red rose - passion, love

Pink rose - friendship, admiration, happiness

Apricot rose - desire, admiration, modesty

White rose - purity, secrecy, spiritual love

Jasmine - Sensuality

Yellow carnation - disappointment, rejection 

Spider Flower - “run away with me”

Violet - modesty, faithfulness










Fashion Is About Feelings

Fashion Is About Feelings