If I ever met a ghost, I would make sure that I was dressed for the occasion.  Being the fashionista that I am, every holiday has a look and feel about what to wear.  Halloween is no different.  In fact it is the one holiday that people will buy or rent costumes just to wear for that night.  So how does one dress to meet a ghost?  Well, everyone has their now unique style to meet Casper or Broomhilda.    

I have always been a little bit scared of Halloween.  I've read that ghouls and spirits from the other side have been roaming around on this night since the 11th century.  It was a Celtic pagan festival celebrated with bonfires and brew.

I'm told it's a time when the walls between our world and the next become thin and porous, allowing spirits to pass through.  Knowing that this holiday was started to ward off these spirits gives a whole new view on what is an appropriate fashion statement.   

Children started dressing for these spirits in Ireland around the 16th century.  They dressed up like angels, or spirits to make friends with the lost souls that were wandering around.  They went door to door asking for "soul cakes" that were like hot cross buns.  The sweet soul cakes were believed to free the wandering spirits into heaven and keep the children safe.  

I was always afraid of the dark when I was little, maybe there were a few spirits hanging around my bedroom.  So when Halloween came along, going out at night was scary.  The only thing that assuaged my fear, was that I could dress up and be someone else.  Somehow the mask, makeup or funny costume made the scary feelings become tinged with excitement and fun. The first time I dressed to meet the ghosts of Halloween I was three.  I was dressed as a pink poodle in a crushed velvet costume with floppy ears, a tail that wagged a pink pom pom and crisp ruffled pink netting around my ankles and wrists, topped with a fluffy tuft on on my head.  The night was dark and onerous but I was certain that the ghosts wouldn't know it was me.  Besides I practiced my bark and howl so I knew I could scare them away.

Pink was the color to wear.  Crushed velvet was as luxurious as the real poodle fur.  I was the envy of every little girl in the neighborhood and that's how it all started.  If I could greet a scary ghost in my costume and not be afraid, I knew from then on costumes, fashion designs and beautiful clothes would be how I wanted to meet my world.  

There was more to Halloween than just costumes for my brothers.  But I wouldn't have stepped onto anyone doorstep, unless I felt my look was outstanding  For one night I wasn't shy or afraid.  Magic happened when I put on my red lipstick, pink cheeks and fabulous fashion attire.

I even chimed in at the top of my lungs when we went door to door. “Trick or Treat...smell my feet, give me something good to eat.”    I'd giggle as I waited for the door to open and the treats to appear.  It was a night without mom or dad, where all us kids ran from house to house, ringing doorbells, opening our brown decorated grocery bags,  (of course my paper bag matched my costume).  I got the the attention I loved from what I was wearing and how I looked.  My diva tendencies were born on this hallowed evening.  

But there was more to that night than just looking good.  We set the standard for the best treats in our neighborhood.  My family always made laundry baskets of popcorn balls.  Guess that's where my love of entertaining with food began.  Dad would pop the popcorn, mom made the sticky corn syrup and eight little hands rolled the popcorn into balls and wrapped them in wax paper.  It was a thrill to see our friends eyes pop out of their head in delight when we placed the huge popcorn balls in their bags.  We hoped we'd be protected from the tricksters.   

But the little devils still roamed the streets to pull late night tricks. There were cars that were egged, pumpkins smashed, toilet paper strewn around bushes and trees.  One year our front yard got "forked."  It looked like the devils had a war on our front lawn with their 100's of plastic forks stabbing the grass, pitch fork style.

Halloween night holds  900 years of tradition in spirits being allowed to roam around.  I haven't met a ghoul or a ghost yet, but I have my fashion savvy that protects me.  My ghost buster strategy is to wear a beautiful costume so the haunted spirits won't know it's me.  I hide from my night terrors  by taking special care that my hair, makeup and fashion for the night is impeccably couture gorgeous.    For some reason, being a bloody bride, or an ugly witch makes me think my chances of getting snatched by the dark side are much greater.  I have built my reputation on looking and feeling beautiful.  

When October 31st rolls around, I am prepared to meet a ghost in my diva shoes, matching trick or treat bag, my hair coifed and the latest runway fashion statement. There is always an eerie feeling that permeates Halloween night.  But I've learned that designer couture fashions and elaborate make up and hair have appeased the wandering spirits from tampering with my soul.  

There have been no unexpected vampires or visitors....